Problem: My Ipad is not online.

  • Solution: Place Ipad in airplane mode for 30 seconds.

Problem: My Ipad is locked up, acting funny, etc.

  • Solution: Hard Reset (hold home button and power button for several seconds).

Problem: I can’t print from my Ipad.

  • Solution: IT is working on this.

Problem: I want students to use my Ipad but I do not want them to access my email.

  • Solution: Turn on Guided Access – see link below:

Problem: My Ipad was dropped and the screen cracked.

  • Solution: Staff member pays $52.43 to have IPAD replaced. Also, please be extra careful with these devices. The case alone does not seem to be enough to protect the device. If you’re in route somewhere, I recommend putting the Ipad in an extra bag.

Problem: My Ipad says it needs a software update.

  • Solution: Update software under general settings – update software.

Problem: My Ipad screen has smudges all over it… What do I clean it with?

Problem: I just don’t know what to do with this IPad.

  • Solution: Email me and setup a private or group meeting to learn how IPad’s can be integrated to support instruction in your classroom and increase student engagement.

Resources for Educational Apps/Integration Ideas:

iPads for Educator’s:



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