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Support your child’s learning with computer activites at home. is a great resource for keyboarding activities, math, and literacy activities for use at home with your child.  I really like “Keyboarding Zoo” for kindergarten students. Take time to enjoy these engaging curriculum activities with your child at home or school!



HFEThis QR Code when scanned with a smart phone, IPAD or laptop with web cam, will link you to our HFE Homepage. QR Codes are a great addition to add to flyers or hand to people so they can easily access our homepage.

QR Codes

Join InQR Codes are great for open house scavenger hunts. Creating instructions for students to follow throughout a project. Creating bulletin boards. Engaging students during small group activities. Integrating QR Codes in the classroom excites students while they acquire, analyze, and synthesize content. Join me today and we will have your class creating QR Codes in no time! Here is a great website to get you started:

Is it true?

I read a post yesterday on Facebook and the content really concerned me. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. After  pondering on the issue it was my hope that it was just a hoax. Thankfully it was a hoax.

If you have a question about the validity of a message please visit before reposting a message.




National Park Service Video Conference Resources

VC ResourcesWould you like to take your kids to the Grand Canyon? How about to Death Valley Park? Check out the link below for FREE virtual  videoconferences that we can setup.

How To Lock Files Before You Send Them To The Printer

Follow this handout to set up locked printing on your computer at school. This will allow you to send print jobs to the copier and they will not print until you are there to put in your locked printing code. See setup instructions below.

HoldLocked Print

Locking Students Into Specified Apps

ImageKeeping kids safe and on task is easy with you use guided access on your IPad. Guided access allows you to select an app you want your child to work in and locks them into that app.

Follow the following steps to turn guided access on:

Go to settings

Select the general tab

Scroll down on the right and select accessibility

Scroll down and select Guided Access

Turn Guided Access on

Click Set Passcode – Enter a passcode that you will remember

Return to the homescreen

Open the app you want your child to work in, triple click the home button 3 times, the screen will minimize and you will select start in upper corner to lock the app. To unlock the app you triple click the home button three times, enter your password, select end in upper left hand corner and full function of the IPad will return.


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